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Less than 25% of Christians regularly read their Bible!

The Bible is getting pushed to the outer realms of importance and even Christians are valuing it less and less. Statistics tell us that fewer than 25% of Christians read their Bible weekly, and most find it difficult to uncover any relevance and power for their lives.


The E100 Resources are Scripture Union's answer to this Bible reading crisis. The Essential Jesus Challenge seeks to counter this trend and help churches, pastors and individual Christians get back into the habit of daily Scripture reading.

Simply put, the Essential Jesus Challenge is a Bible Reading plan that encourages people to read the Bible they already own. It dares people to pick up their Bible every day, re-engage with the Scriptures and allow God to do something powerful through His Word...

The Essential Jesus Challenge is part of the E100 range of Resources - where "E" stands for Essential and there being 100 Bible Passages. The Essential 100 Bible Reading Challenge was created by Scripture Union in the United States, and launched in Australia in 2010. Around the world, thousands of churches and hundreds of thousands of Christians have taken the challenge, committing to read the Bible each day for 100 days. You do not have to do Essential 100 before you do Essential Jesus. They are stand alone resources.

The program works because it is a personal challenge designed to develop a daily Bible reading habit, it can be done in community as a small group or as a whole church, it is achievable and it is flexible.

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